OSMREOffice of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (US Department of Interior)
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OSMRE will accept comments on the draft statement through 27 May 2014, according to Chris Holmes, a public affairs specialist for the office.
Their solution is also different - place greater enforcement responsibility on OSMRE.
OSMRE recently established two initiatives that seek to address AML environmental impacts and re-mining issues: The Appalachian Clean Streams Initiative and Re-mining for Real.
OSMRE made the right decision to move forward with the rulemaking process, but its also equally important that it follow through with protections strong enough to give real force to the thousands of voices who spoke up during the comment period that called for the practices end.
Eliminating self-bonding is about basic fairness, and as OSMRE moves forward with its rulemaking, it must remember to be fair to working families and taxpayers.
In July 2014, OSMRE solicited and accepted public comment on the potential rule for 60 days.
OSMRE and DOI must protect our communities from this irresponsible loophole and immediately issue guidance to stop the use of self-bonding by coal companies.
Given the severely weakened coal market and wave of coal company bankruptcies, Sierra Club is calling on OSMRE to immediately issue a new guidance that no new self-bonds should be issued to any coal company and make clear that bankrupt mine operators must not self-bond as they emerge from bankruptcy.
We believe that OSMRE and state regulators already have the authority under existing law to rein in many of the worst aspects of this practice, and we call on OSMRE to immediately use this authority even while it engages in its broader rulemaking.
In the wake of a wave of major coal company bankruptcies caused by Americas transition to a clean energy economy, the OSMREs announcement signals the offices concern that coal companies will be unable to meet their obligations to coal communities and state governments to ensure that their mine sites will be cleaned up.
Despite repeated requests, DOI and OSMRE have completely ignored Murray Energy s filing, in violation of Federal law.
License coordinator for the agency, Gene Robinson, said OSMRE obtained no public comments on the application, which entered force through August 14, 2019.