OSNAOpen Service Network Architecture
OSNAOrnithological Societies of North America
OSNAOrthopedic Surgeons Network of Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
OSNAOne-Step Nuclear Amplification
OSNAOregon Student Nurses Association
OSNAOregon School Nutrition Association
OSNAOpen Source Network Analysis
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The OSNA test means that patients no longer have to wait two weeks to know whether or not their breast cancer has spread to their lymph nodes and then a further wait for additional surgery.
In addition, the increased operative time due to OSNA (50 mins), and the prolonged placement of the chest wall drain were possibly important.
OSNA reports that both capital and operating costs for the 3CPF are lower than those for comparable skip-hoisting systems.
The current president of the OSNA says, "In fact, as a representative of the Orvis Students Nurses' Association, and one whose slept many nights in a Ronald McDonald house, I can say it's with great privilege and gratitude that OSNA has been a part of and is always invited back (even though I burned the garlic bread on my first day) to the work done at the Ronald McDonald house.
1965 OSNA and State Medical Association develop statement concerning dependent nursing function
OSNA accepts the invitation from the Oklahoma Academy of General Practice of the Oklahoma Medical Association
OSNA recently sent 30 students to the national convention that was held in Anaheim, CA from April 11-15.
Every month OSNA members make dinner for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Reno.
1945 Survey conducted jointly by OSNA and State Hospital Association on hospital's personnel practices and policies for Staff Nurses as a way to ensure placement of returning veteran nurses, relieve acute shortages and how personnel practices may affect employment.