OSNIOrdnance Survey of Northern Ireland (UK)
OSNIOpen Storage Networking Initiative (computing)
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Espaco - Rede, Produtividade e (re)Ordenamento Espacial: notas sobre as (re)interpretacoes dos "impactos" da rodovia BR-163 na porcao norte matogrossense In: BERNARDES, Julia Adao; FREIRE FILHO, Osni de Luna.
The official was speaking at a symposium, titled 'Excellence in Nursing Leadership, Research and Evidence Based Practice' organised by the Nursing Administration Programme, Oman Specialised Nursing Institute (OSNI) at the Ministry of Health Institutes Auditorium at Wattayah.
The authors want to thank Osni Marques and Christof Vomel for providing us the Pract matrices, Beresford Parlett for pointing us to block factorizations in the first place and for many fruitful discussions, and the referees for their valuable suggestions, which helped us to improve the presentation.
Major vendors and startups alike are moving onto the Ethernet and IP bandwagons, both within and without the new OSNI consortium.
In any event, the OSNI announcement and the product offerings are likely to ease some of the hesitation that IT management has entertained regarding SANs and, of course, as Quantum/ATL's Kevin Daly says: "The OSNI partners are bringing balance to the industry.