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OSNROptical Signal to Noise Ratio
OSNROptical Signal Noise Ratio
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Since one performance parameter alone is not sufficient to understand the real-time state of a fibre optic connection, the field trial testing included real-time awareness of pre-forward error correction (FEC) bit error rate (BER), OSNR, and residual margin.
The trial verified that with 10 thousand pieces of data this technology was capable of estimating OSNR with a measurement error of 1%, and the modulation format and symbol rate with a measurement error of 5%.
The aim of this work is to minimize noise figure (NF) and to maximize OSNR to optimize the multipump Raman amplifier.
This makes it easy to get an OSNR value of the signal, whether modulated or not, directly from its spectrum.
Then, to facilitate the practical design, we carry out an investigation into the impact of signal power on the Q factor and optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) of multicasting signals.
DPSK as compared to ON-OFF keying (OOK) has the benefit of 3 dB lower OSNR to reach a given BER [7], which can helps in extending the transmission distance, reduce power requirements and simplified circuitry configuration that results in a cost effective network.
Figures 5 and 6 show the optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) penalty at a bit-error-rate (BER) of 10-3 versus the tone amplitude [A.sub.p] for [DELTA][f.sub.c] = 35 KHz.
This power penalty is expected, since the optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) of 3-lines is about 5 dB lower than that of single-line at a given optical power, as indicated in Fig.
The HPU 42000 series Raman amplifiers, which feature built-in automatic gain control (AGC) function, offer ease of system implementation and excellent noise characteristics, which, in combination with erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs), improves optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) as well as compensates for optical loss resulting from optical transmission lines and optical components.
In such a challenging technological context, getting reliable in-band OSNR values is critical.