OSNSOpen Systems Network Support
OSNSOkanagan Shuswap Nudist Society (Canada)
OSNSOrchid Society of Nova Scotia (Canada)
OSNSOptimum Symmetrical Number System
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In Spain, Twitter is the fourth most used Online Social Network (OSN) platform, reaching people younger and older than over 35 years old (Newman, Levy & Nielsen, 2016:43).
Broadly speaking, effects of new literacies enhanced by digital-media technologies, including OSNs, are measured in terms of: (1) academic achievements such as self-reported GPAs (Kirschner & Karpinski, 2010) and examination results (Karpinski, Kirschner, Ozer, Mellott & Ochwo, 2013); and (2) additional academic learning-related attributes, such as increased level of engagement (Junco, Heiberger & Loken, 2011), weekly study hours and attention span (Paul, Baker & Cockran, 2012).
OSNs, with billions of users, represent a very interesting source of data.
In this modern age of information technology, the right to informational privacy or the right of individuals to control information has become vulnerable to attacks and intrusions due to the availability of numerous avenues of information gathering and data sharing like the facebook (FBs) that usually appears in on-line social networking (OSN).
The user creates their personal data store in Online Social Networks (OSNs) database that details contain informs like first name, last name, username, password, email Id, gender etc.
17.8 million[12] Moroccans connected to the Internet in the last three months of the year, Year 2015.Facebook arrives at the top of social networks frequently visited with a percentage of 93%, followed by whatsApp with 85% .On table 2, global statistics of different OSNs used in Morocco are given:
In this paper, we deal with OSNs "intensive users" as predators because they create more traffic on the network.
The differences in one-leg stance on the locked platform between operated side (OSOS) and nonoperated side (OSNS) were not significant.
The presence of online social networks (OSNs) on our lives is incontestable and it is unrealistic to say that this is a passenger trend when the numbers speak for themselves.
Olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) lined the nasal cavity, with dendrites projecting towards the external environment and away from the lamina propria (Figure 1B).