OSOCCOn-Site Operations Coordination Center (OCHA)
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When employed, the OSOCC immediately establishes coordination lines with the affected nation's government, host nation local emergency management authority, and a myriad of international rescue and relief teams.
This practice allows the DISTAFF director to know exactly how a training venue is progressing and assists the OSOCC and local emergency management authority in deploying proper response assets.
61) Both the RDC and the OSOCC are set up either by the first USAR team to arrive in country, or by representatives from the UNDAC team.
An OSOCC facilitates information exchange between international and national relief actors; provides the means to plan international relief operations on-site; and facilitates logistics support in cooperation with national authorities in the LEMA.
Establishing the OSOCC ensures that the local authorities have a system by which national and international responses are meshed together as much as possible.
These procedures use Internet technology to overcome the obstacles of distance and time zone differences by relying heavily on the Virtual OSOCC, a password protected website enabling international disaster responders to coordinate and share information.