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OSOROpen Source Observatory and Repository (EU)
OSOROne Substance One Registration
OSOROperational Standoff Range
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The OSOR provides many other examples of state, regional and local administrations encouraging or even enforcing the use of FOSS.
OSOR and other industry bodies promote destinations and special offers via the website of Romania ESPA (www.visiteuropeanspas.com).
But the Osor tourists got more than they bargained for.
Different from these states within the U.S., the legislation for Canada's National SOR (NSOR) and the Ontario SOR (OSOR) allows for retrospective inclusion.
SMRs are particularly displeased about the details of a system within REACH for the sharing of safety data--called One Substance, One Registration (OSOR)--which was drawn up to reduce costs for small companies.
Finally, public assemblies must be strengthened in their authority so that a monarchy's legal power might not be transformed into a tyranny (Osor. De Reg.
The Parliament legislation also set up a broadly discussed data-sharing arrangement known as "One Substance, One Registration" (OSOR) designed to minimize duplicate testing while providing an opt-out for businesses that can demonstrate legitimate concerns about protecting confidential information.
In the same spirit and in accordance with the principle of 'one substance, one registration' (OSOR), various amendments adopted by the environment committee reinforce the obligation on businesses to exchange non-confidential data among themselves (in order to avoid duplication of applications).
Bugalski accumulated a total of 130 seconds in penalties following hydraulic clutch problems on the 14th 'Osor' stage that forced him to start behind Auriol on the next run.
REACH introduces a number of principles such as data sharing ( one substance, one registration,' or OSOR principle), reversal of the burden of proof (from the public authorities to companies), the duty of care' principle, the substitution principle and the requirement of assessing risks for the most vulnerable populations.
Reducing costs: The 'one substance, one registration' (OSOR) principle has been introduced in order to oblige companies to submit joint registration requests and exchange information on substances.