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OSOROpen Source Observatory and Repository (EU)
OSOROne Substance One Registration
OSOROperational Standoff Range
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The OSOR includes juveniles who were tried and convicted for a sex offence as an adult and individuals who were found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder (NCRMD) for a designated offence.
For instance, an offender may be placed on the OSOR for 10 years if the maximum sentence for the sex offence for which they were convicted is no more than 10 years.
This legislative peculiarity has not gone unnoticed by offenders in Ottawa, Ontario who discovered that moving across the river to Hull, Quebec ends their OSOR reporting status (Personal communication Dr.
The legislative foundation for the OSOR highlights the importance of swift action in incidents of child abduction.
But opponents argue that a mandatory OSOR scheme is required if the registration costs of REACH are to be kept down.
The simplified procedures for chemical registration introduce some welcome proportionality to REACH but the broad exemptions from the OSOR principle will compound the disadvantages faced by small businesses under REACH and represent a triumph for big chemical manufacturers," said Hans-Werner Mueller, secretary of the European small and medium business association UEAPME.
OSOR, the Open Source Observatory and Repository of the IDABC, acts as the central information platform and the first port of call for the uploading and downloading of open source solutions for applications aimed at the public sector.
The inclusion of Ingres Board in the OSOR Repository further underscores how, with its enterprise-capable open source solutions, Ingres successfully addresses the IT challenges specific to the public sector," said Bertram Mandel, managing director CEMEA and vice president of sales and services at Ingres.
The European Commission anticipates that OSOR will encourage European administrations to use each other's software and develop common projects - for example, in public e-procurement, interoperability between government applications or mutual recognition of the various e-ID card formats.
The new OSOR should become the preferred cooperation tool to speed up software pooling amongst Member States.
In consultation with all stakeholders, Unisys and its partners will determine the format of OSOR this year, expecting the service to be operational in late 2007.
With the OSOR agreement, Unisys continues to position itself as a leading open source advisor, bringing a disciplined solution approach that helps clients realise optimal value from open source software," said Bart Steukers, Unisys managing partner, Global Public Sector, Continental Europe.