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OspAOuter Surface Protein A
OspAOffice of Sponsored Projects Administration
OspAOrquestra Sinfônica de Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
OspAOregon State Pharmacy Association (est. 1889)
OspAOregon School Personnel Association
OspAOxygenated Solvent Producers Association
OspAOpen Services Partner Alliance (Avant Telecom, Inovative Systems, Nextone, Sonus)
OspAOhio School Psychologists Association
OspAOregon School Psychologists Association
OspAOklahoma School Psychological Association
OspAOperator Service Providers of America
OspAOregon State Poets Association
OspAOperations Security Professionals Association
OspAOffice of Systems Product Assurance
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This research bursary was established thanks to the generosity of the Overseas Service Pensioners' Association (OSPA), which closed in late 2017.
Figures 4 and 5 represent the OSPA distance and the corresponding standard deviation (dotted line) of kinematical states.
Figure 16 shows the Monte Carlo average of the OSPA distance, and we can find that the Monte Carlo average of the OSPA distance of simulated states gradually increases, while the OSPA distance of assimilated states is limited to a smaller range.
(13) The sequence similarities between OspA and hLFA-1, particularly in patients with HLA-DR4, was thought to be the underlying mechanism of progression to the persistent form of LB observed in a small percent of patients.
Therefore, the X-ray-crystallographic structure of OspA (Protein Data Bank identification 2FKJ) was used as a template for modeling the tertiary structure of DMP1 according to the Phyre2 web server.
Detection of pathogens was performed by using multiplex quantitative PCRs (qPCRs) specific for the flaB and ospA genes of B.
Amerykanscy producenci tych zwiazkow sa reprezentowani przez American Chemistry Council (ACC), natomiast europejscy--przez Oxygenated Solvents Producer's Association (OSPA) [2].
burgdorferi isolates from around the world, using PCR techniques, targeting 16S and 23S ribosomal DNA, flagellin, OspA, and bdr genes, as well as intergenic spacers.
Antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi OspA, OspC, OspF, and C6 Antigens as Markers for Early and Late Infection in Dogs.
Evaluation of the C6 peptide enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay www.mlo-online.com for individuals vaccinated with the recombinant OspA vaccine.