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OspAOuter Surface Protein A
OSPAOffice of Sponsored Projects Administration
OSPAOrquestra Sinfônica de Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
OSPAOxygenated Solvent Producers Association
OSPAOpen Services Partner Alliance (Avant Telecom, Inovative Systems, Nextone, Sonus)
OSPAOhio School Psychologists Association
OSPAOregon School Psychologists Association
OSPAOklahoma School Psychological Association
OSPAOperator Service Providers of America
OSPAOregon State Poets Association
OSPAOperations Security Professionals Association
OSPAOffice of Systems Product Assurance
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Figure 7 plots the estimated target number against the ground truth and the OSPA multi-target miss distance at each time instant.
As only the second non-pharmacist ever to hold the position of executive director at OSPA, Holt did lay claim to some experience that his predecessors lacked.
The OSPA helps speed up the delivery of our innovative new products to the carrier market.
Based on their input, as well as that of OSPA, the minimum requirements included:
At the OSPA annual convention in September 1992, Roger Berryman, a licensed PA and chairman of OSPA's Legislative Committee, delivered his report in the form of a hard-hitting message about H.
The two parameters of the OSPA distance are set to p = 2 and c = 100, respectively.
Six dead people were taken to the OSPA Farmers' Hospital, 14 cadavers at the Ormoc District Hospital, 11 bodies at the Clinica Gatchaian Hospital, and one at the Ormoc District Hospital.
Were thrilled to see this innovative approach recognized in this way and look forward to the OSPA ceremony in September.
Eleven survivors, meanwhile, were confined at the OSPA Farmers Medical Center, namely Juan Balane, Cherry Rose Balerio, Amelita Cartiga, Catherine Degoma, Pilar Federicos, Aira Lapeciros, Aira Lapeciros, Joan Magallanes, Janet Patuar, Leonile Vergara, Lucena Sinday, and Antoneta Wenceslao.
The organization will also award prizes in its seven regular categories: poet's choice (80-line maximum, any form, any subject); free verse (40-line maximum, any free form, any subject); traditional verse (40-line maximum, any traditional form, any subject); prose poem (150-word maximum); haiku; new poets (30-line maximum, any form, any subject); and members only (reserved for paid-up OSPA members, six to 12 lines, any form, any subject).
The union OSPA has called on members to conduct two three-hour strikes on 5 March.
A strike planned by the OSPA union federation, which represents employees of Greek carrier Olympic Airways, has been declared illegal by an Athens court.