OSPARCOMOslo and Paris Commission (Environmental Regulations for the European Community)
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4-8 December 1995: The OSPARCOM call for a moratorinm on deep water disposal of offshore installations is rejected by the global London Convention, whose 72 member governments are concerned with the world-wide protection of the marine environment.
Important change in 1988; "differentiated" decisions and actual decoupling of reluctant states outside the nucleus group of North Sea states Outsiders' access Restricted and limited and participation access and participation up to 1990; more inclusive after 1990 Ministerial versus First decade administra- administrative tively dominated; recent participation decade regular minis- terial inputs through the NSCs in 1987, 1990, 1993, and 1995; in addi- tion, the 1992 Ministerial OSPARCOM meeting North Sea PARCON Conferences Participatory The broader northeast The narrower and more scope Atlantic region.