OSPASOil Supply Planning and Scheduling (Saudi Aramco)
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Comprising five divisions -- Oil; Gas and NGL; Supply Planning and Optimisation; Terminal Division; and Refined Products -- Ospas is the nerve centre of the company's operations.
Ospas ensures they are delivered safely via plants, refineries, pipelines and terminals to Saudi Aramco's local and global customers.
Their mission is made a little easier thanks to Ospas Operations Coordination Center (OCC).
On the video wall, Ospas engineers and planners can observe the complete hydrocarbon journey from the wellhead to plant and refinery, then into pipelines and eventually to Saudi Aramco's export terminals.
For Ospas, being sensitive to world events is critical, because the organisation tracks and adjusts as necessary in real time, 24/7 -- the movement of every molecule of crude oil and product that Saudi Aramco produces, from wellhead to customer worldwide.
Although hurricane-battered refineries suddenly didn't need their deliveries of Saudi crude, Ospas was nonetheless able to reconfigure inventory and supply its customers elsewhere with everything they needed -- without a cutback in production.
For most people in the world, the acronym Ospas is devoid of meaning; few people even inside the company understand just how vital the organisation is to the success of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia and its many customers around the world.
"The key to understanding Ospas, is that the organisation touches almost every aspect of Saudi Aramco's operations," Al Bargan says.