OspBOuter Surface Protein B
OspBOffice of Strategic Planning and Budgeting
OspBOverseas Security Policy Board
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In the most recent revenue forecast in September, both OSPB and Leg Council forecasted positive economic growth in Colorado.
That translates into a loss of about 3,700 jobs and lost wages of about $425 million, the OSPB forecast says.
Other highly specific borrelial proteins revealed on blots are the 34 (OspB), 31 (OspA), 30 and 22/24 (OspC) kDa proteins.
drugs has inevitably lead OSPB to address issues surrounding modern
burgdorferi, so the best vaccine might consist of a combination of various OspA or OspB proteins.
The DNA sequences of ospA, ospB, rrs-rrlA, and ospC were determined for use in our phylogenetic analysis.
(9.) Eiffert H, Ohlenbusch A, Fehling W, Lotter H, Thomssen R, Nucleotide sequence of the ospAB operon of a Borrelia burgdorferi strain expressing OspA but: not OspB. Infect Immun 1992;60:1864-8.