OSPDOfficial Scrabble Players Dictionary
OSPDOffice of the State Public Defender (various states)
OspDOuter Surface Protein D
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No four-letter heterograms in the OSPD are generated.
However, the I-at-the-end strategy cannot be used for OSPD heterograms; one eliminates ISM and ION but adds OBI, ANI and SRI in their place.
The OSPD has very few 12-letter words, and all non-crashing word pairs differed in at least one position by 13.
The OSPD has been used throughout this study as a consistent frame of reference.
The largest shiftgroup for the OSPD is 10, achieved for both two-letter and three-letter isograms.
Every word in Richard Sabey's square on the left is listed in the OSPD.
OSPD Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Third Edition (1996)
First, ambidextrous word ramps are comparatively common, even restricting ourselves to words in the OSPD.
Thirdly, even given the relative paucity of longer words in the OSPD, left-offset 9-4 ramps restricted to the OSPD are exceedingly common.