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OSPEOntario Society of Professional Engineers
OSPEOhio Society of Professional Engineers
OSPEObjective Structured Practical Examination
OSPEOutside Plant Engineering
OSPEOffice of the Senior Procurement Executive
OSPEOrganizational Spare Parts & Equipment
OSPEOptical Society of Professional Engineers
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KEY WORDS: Assessment, Medical education, Professionalism, OSCE, OSPE, Peer assessment, Faculty development.
All the examiners conducted TCE followed by OSPE for the same batch of students for four modules in abdominal system.
It includes measurement and value judgement to some extent theory examinations can be judged qualitatively and quantitatively as there is evidence of student's performance problem arises with oral examinations in practical or otherwise which needs special charting of evaluation to be un biased and fair our study has been done to prove that OSPE is superior method to any other method to a certain extent in excluding inter examiner variation and is in concordance with study of Harden et al.
La version del gobierno estatal para justificar la compra del terreno con recursos del erario, sin previa licitacion y a un precio superior al de la primera venta -casi 7 millones de pesos-, es que realizo un "rescate financiero" por supuestos incumplimientos de pagos de OSPE a sus proveedores y a los vendedores del predio.
Multiple assessment methods including short essay questions MCQs OSPEs and orals carrying equal weightage were used for module assessment.
The students participating in the study were introduced to the OSPE system by short lecture and a role play organised by the faculty members.
The theory paper (MCQs and SAQs) and practical OSPE both comprised 100 marks for Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry in Module I; Cell Biology, Module II; Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology, Module III; as well as Renal and Gastrointestinal Physiology.
The aim of this paper is to review the impact of OSPE on stu- dents learning i.
End of rotation assessment of both groups was carried out by OSPE and Long Cases.
Surprisingly, one participant of assessment technique and 2 participants of OSCE, OSPE workshop, thought the duration to be long (table-II).
7] but with topic of breast cancer and with different tools such as knowledge was tested through problem-based MCQ's, skills through OSPE, and attitude through questionnaire and it revealed statistically significant difference in knowledge, skills, and attitude of students of ECE group and non-ECE group.
Background and Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare the perspective of students and teachers regarding the OSPE as an assessment tool in the subject of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.