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OSPFOpen Shortest Path First
OSPFOhio Suicide Prevention Foundation (est. 2005)
OSPFOsaka Short Play Festival (Japan)
OSPFOffice of the Special Project Facilitator (Asian Development Bank)
OSPFOpen Space Preservation Fund (Fairfax County, VA)
OSPFOcular Sun Protective Factor
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But with these satellite links, being flooded with OSPF LSAs clogs the pipes quickly, diminishing already limited bandwidth availability.
Discovers devices running an instance of the BGP or OSPF routing protocols and the interfaces participating in routing updates.
OSPF++ provides support for OSPF v2, with Opaque LSA options, and Traffic Engineering extensions, as well as Virtual Routed Network extensions.
Webinar: Advanced Routing Tips and Tricks: Router Path Selection Modification and Optimization with EIGRP and OSPF
Aside from a design that allows full redundancy from the switch fabric modules down to the power and cooling systems, the TigerChassis boasts a robust feature set including support for IP routing, (RIP v1, RIP v2), with future support of OSPF, DVMRP and PIM.
The COREpack(TM) includes TCP/IP, Proteon's BRS, OSPF IPX, Bridging, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), SNMP, VINES, DECnet IV and V, OSI, AppleTalk, XNS, industry-leading Frame Relay and V.
The software will include continued enhancements of Proteon's Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) standard such as Multicast OSPF and another key technology which it pioneered known as Bandwidth Reservation.