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OSPFOpen Shortest Path First
OSPFOpen Shortest Path Finder
OSPFOhio Suicide Prevention Foundation (est. 2005)
OSPFOklahoma State Poultry Federation
OSPFOsaka Short Play Festival (Japan)
OSPFOffice of the Special Project Facilitator (Asian Development Bank)
OSPFOpen Space Preservation Fund (Fairfax County, VA)
OSPFOcular Sun Protective Factor
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A detailed model has been designed with the premise of making it as close to real as possible, hence considering the real LSA exchange process and taking into account timers involved in sending and receiving both OSPF hello packets and LSA refresh packets.
III employs an IP CT transport, OSPF on the border router having NEPTUNE's SHF path found a path to the NOC via NEPTUNE's pier connection.
Noticeably, as a figure (7) shows below, the path with a higher bandwidth will be chosen even if it was with a higher router number and there is no link failure, but since the aim of part one of this work is to know the best protocol's performance then exactly the same bandwidth, with the same links fail at the same time as what have been done with RIP protocol above, will be repeated in next steps with OSPF.
OSPF protocol runs inside autonomous systems and BGP protocol runs among autonomous systems.
In Asia, Middle Eastern distillate-rich grades traded below their official selling price formulas (OSPFs) for the first time in more than three months, amid weakening gasoil margins and rising supplies.
QoS extensions to OSPF (OSPFxQoS or QOSPF) [8] provide comprehensive mechanisms to support QoS.
The OSPF cost on the LOS tunnel was also set to 100 so it becomes the preferred path.
IETF, "OSPF Version 2 RFC 2328", Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC-2328, Available: htp://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2328, (1998-b).
For secondary redundancy (in case all fiber links are broken) back-up links over a public network, radio or satellite link can be used by means of MSTP or the embedded OSPF routing protocol.
Kompella authored several Internet drafts and RFCs on MPLS , IS-IS routing, Layer 2 VPNs , OSPF and traffic engineering.
oficina_remota#:sh ipv6 route bgp IPv6 Routing Table - 9 entries Codes: C - Connected, L - Local, S - Static, R - RIP, B - BGP U - Per-user Static route, M - MIPv6 I1 - ISIS Ll, I2 - ISIS L2, IA - ISIS interarea, IS - ISIS summary O - OSPF intra, OI - OSPF inter, OEl - OSPF ext 1, OE2 - OSPF ext 2 ONl - OSPF NSSA ext 1, ON2 - OSPF NSSA ext 2 D - EIGRP, EX - EIGRP external B 2002:C010:101::/64 [20/0] via FESO::C003:FFF:FEF8:l, FastEthernetO/O B 2002:C010:l01:8::/64 [20/0] via FE80::C003:FFF:FEF8:1, FastEthernetO/O B 2002:C010:10l:64::/64 [20/0] via FE80::C003:FFF:FEF8:1, FastEthernetO/O oficina_remota#ping 2002:c0l0:10l:64::20 Type escape sequence to abort.