OSPF-TEOpen Shortest Path First-Traffic Engineering (Sprint)
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Virata offers the most complete and effective MPLS and OSPF-TE solutions on the market," said John Haughey, director of software development at Hyperchip, Inc.
Basic interoperability of RSVP-TE and OSPF-TE was achieved among all vendors, without any signaling or routing issues.
Successful first-time testing included certain aspects of failure recovery and dynamic provisioning with Constrained Shortest Path First (CSPF) computation using the information advertised by GMPLS OSPF-TE.
Data Connection demonstrates its integrated GMPLS and OSPF-TE
This maturity has enabled us to produce a fully integrated software solution, comprising OSPF-TE (or ISIS-TE) for routing, GMPLS for signaling, and LMP for link management.
The mAX IP EX also offers enhanced support for IPv6, as well as functional, conformance and performance testing of the latest protocols, including: BGPv4, OSPF-TE, IS-IS-TE, RSVP-TE and LDP/CR-LDP.
For the optical control plane, this includes GMPLS, UNI, OSPF-TE, ISIS-TE, CSPF, LMP and support for functions such as network level protection and restoration.