OSPIOffice of Superintendent of Public Instruction (Washington State)
OSPIOpen Source Portfolio Initiative
OSPIOctanorm Service Partner International (exhibitions)
OSPIOpen Source Promotion Institute (Japan)
OSPIOpen Source E-Portfolio Initiative
OSPIOffice of Strategic Planning and Integration (Social Security Administration)
OSPIOperations Systems Planning and Integration
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We link these edTPA scores to data from OSPI that include test scores on other licensure tests that teacher candidates must also pass to be eligible to teach, such as the Washington Educator Skills Test-Basic (WEST-B), an assessment of basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics that has been a requirement for admission into Washington State TEPs since 2002.
The OSPI's OER Project was launched in 2012, when the Washington state Legislature passed HB 2337.
Each state standard consisted of multiple levels of complexity and students needed access to understanding each of those levels ("OSPI Algebra 1 Crosswalk" 2011).
as a general rule, more formal methods and procedures (such as standardized, summative assessments) are used for higher stakes decisions however, "the use of formal tests with young children is generally considered inappropriate except for purposes of identifying disabilities, establishing eligibility, and documenting program accountability" (OSPI, 2008, p.
In 2009, the SBE partnered with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to create the Washington Accountability Index.
We believe that these announcements speak directly to the uniqueness and power of our new and patented OSPI v.2 data center solution.
Second, as a result of relationships between EEAW and the Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), a half-time program coordinator position was reinstated for environmental education, which is now called the Environmental and Sustainability Education Program.
Given their expertise related to PBIS and ED, they received funding from the state of Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to develop a model for building the capacity of teachers of students with ED to implement and sustain PBIS.
The novel device called OSPI instrument (Optical Spectro-Polarimetric Imaging) has revealed new textures of lesions that have never been seen before - including melanoma in patients who were diagnosed with various skin lesions and were awaiting surgery for their removal.
Over 200 C-suite delegates from 55 countries participated in this 10 day forum held in Oman and Dubai for the OSPIs (Octanorm Service Partner International).Al Fajer Information & Services, the licensee as well as an OSPI member representing Octanorm Vertriebs GmbH, Germany, in the Gulf market were the local host for the biennial OSPI forum, specialized in discussing the latest exhibition stand building solutions and designs."Based on the vision of H.
School-level demographic data were garnered from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI, 2004, 2005) Web site, including the proportions of students who were eligible for a free- or reduced-price lunch and/or for special education services.
In addition to content knowledge, the Science WASL requires that students think critically, solve problems, apply reasoning skills, and design novel laboratory investigations (OSPI, 2003).