OSPIOffice of Superintendent of Public Instruction (Washington State)
OSPIOctanorm Service Partner International (exhibitions)
OSPIOpen Source Promotion Institute (Japan)
OSPIOpen Source E-Portfolio Initiative
OSPIOffice of Strategic Planning and Integration (Social Security Administration)
OSPIOperations Systems Planning and Integration
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distribution, download, and adaptation with ESD and OSPI input.
The OSPI biosensor uses safe, infrared wavelengths and LC devices to measure tumour characteristics, including contours and spread.
Since 2009, OSPI and the Washington Department of Commerce have distributed $137 million in energy and operational savings grants for K-12 schools and higher education.
Using your school district framework template (or the OSPI framework template), fill the documents with the items you created above.
In addition to the OSPI, you'll find helping hands at the Electronic Portfolio Consortium (eportconsortium.
The Associate Dean of the COE worked with an OSPI representative and the coordinator of the IPS community volunteer program to develop the original idea and write the grant application to NAFSA.
Attend any meetings and appointments OSPI indicates pertinent to project efforts including, but not limited to the following dates: No more than monthly meetings either in person in Olympia, via K-20 system, or via webinar.
Serve as regional liaison and advocate with school districts about their promotion and support of National Board Certification, especially in school on OSPI s list of underperforming schools.
Our STEM educators are excited about several course applications that hold great potential for GIS technology-environmental sustainability and design and the agricultural sciences," says Dennis Small, director of educational technology at OSPI.
for K-12 Education, OSPI will emphasize that problem-solving "thinking students" are students preparing for 21st Century STEM careers.
As part of this select group, Global Partnership Schools has been certified by OSPI to have the capacity, experience, expertise, and ability to deliver positive outcomes in low-performing schools.
a parent survey, developed by OSPI Bilingual Education Program Staff in