OSPIOffice of Superintendent of Public Instruction (Washington State)
OSPIOctanorm Service Partner International (exhibitions)
OSPIOpen Source Promotion Institute (Japan)
OSPIOpen Source E-Portfolio Initiative
OSPIOffice of Strategic Planning and Integration (Social Security Administration)
OSPIOperations Systems Planning and Integration
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The OSPI biosensor uses safe, infrared wavelengths and LC devices to measure tumour characteristics, including contours and spread.
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OSPI repeatedly attacked olestra for its tendency to strip carotenoids (which are fat soluble and attach themselves to olestra) from the body, arguing that carotenoids were potentially beneficial.
The role of the AESD Executive Director for the AESD/OSPI Network Initiatives position is to provide support for the AESD Network, OSPI, ESD Superintendents, ESD Assistant Superintendents/OSPI staff to help bring coherence and alignment to existing and developing programs and systems.
During this same time, Fukutaki queried officials at the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and used her expertise in data-mining to draft a proposal to present to OSPI officials.
These frame-works are found on the OSPI website at www.
The OSPI has since expanded to include the Carnegie Foundation, the University of Rhode Island, and Georgetown University (DC).
The Associate Dean of the COE worked with an OSPI representative and the coordinator of the IPS community volunteer program to develop the original idea and write the grant application to NAFSA.
In the coming years, OSPI plans to break enrollment and remediation rates out for apprenticeship programs, internships, and industry certificate programs, as well as include postsecondary completion rates.
WLMA has recent history of staying attuned to student achievement by communicating with OSPI.