OSPIRGOregon Student Public Interest Research Group
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The good news is that the Clean Cars program will cut global warming pollution, help clean the air in the Rogue Valley and cut our dependence on oil," said OSPIRG clean energy advocate and analysis author Jeremiah Baumann.
At the University of Oregon, OSPIRG received nearly $400,000 in a three-year period.
Our report shows that advanced clean car technologies are ready to roll," said OSPIRG energy associate Isaac Silverman.
I run the Lane Community College OSPIRG Reclaim Democracy Campaign.
But Jesse O'Brien, health care advocate with OSPIRG, said the "young invincibles" stereotype is not accurate.
While so pretty to a 3- or 4-year-old, the plastic rings are laced with lead - as much as 200 parts per million, which is twice the legal limit, according to a study released Tuesday by the college based consumer group OSPIRG.
OSPIRG will launch a campaign reaching out to college students at the University of Oregon from 10:30 p.
OSPIRG State Representative Candidate Forum - State Reps.
Bruce Goldberg, Insurance Commissioner Lou Savage, OSPIRG health care advocate Jesse Ellis O'Brien and officials from the local coordinated care organization, Trillium Community Health Plans.
That's about 400 per person; many of the bags, once discarded, flutter away from landfills and end up in the Pacific Ocean, littering beaches and killing sea turtles and marine animals, said the consumer advocacy group Oregon State Public Interest Research Group, or OSPIRG.
Etherton of OSPIRG objects to the provision allowing health insurance companies to sit on the exchange board.
An OSPIRG intern conducted a test by requesting data about the costs and results of economic development programs, and the response was patchy at best; some agencies responded promptly and in full, while others demanded exorbitant copying fees or waited for months before releasing incomplete information.