OSQOriginal Sound Quality (audio technology)
OSQOpen Source Quality (computing; Berkeley, CA)
OSQOrion String Quartet (est. 1987; New York)
OSQOrdered Sequence
OSQOrgan Society of Queensland (music enthusiast group; Australia)
OSQOccupation Specialty Qualification (Canada)
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SQs and OSQ catalyze reactions that convert the pyrophosphate of geranyl, pyrophosphate of farnesyl, and geranyl-geranyl into 57-66 different terpenes [28].
Occupational Stress Questionnaire (OSQ) is a widely used method in occupational health to assess characteristics and stress factors of work and stress reactions of employees in Finnish companies [27].
However, our results were validated by the questions of OSQ.
Por estas razones, el OSQ (Observatorio Sismologico del Quindio) e INGEOMINAS, como las entidades estatales encargadas de monitorear la actividad sismica, han de contribuir, a si como los centros regionales de investigacion, al desarrollo de los estudios sismologicos y el analisis de la actividad tectonica local, para asi obtener nuevos conocimientos a cerca de los desastres naturales que amenazan a las comunidades en la region y entender mejor la estructura interna de la corteza en la region del Eje Cafetero.
The OSQ items also use a nine-point Likert-type scoring format, ranging from "poor" to "excellent," "inferior" to "superior," and "low standards" to "high standards." The parameter estimates ranged from 0.58 to 0.85 for SQP and 0.76 to 0.91 for OSQ, with corresponding construct reliabilities of 0.94 and 0.88, and with average variances extracted of 53 and 72%.