OSQOriginal Sound Quality (audio technology)
OSQOpen Source Quality (computing; Berkeley, CA)
OSQOrion String Quartet (est. 1987; New York)
OSQOrdered Sequence
OSQOrgan Society of Queensland (music enthusiast group; Australia)
OSQOccupation Specialty Qualification (Canada)
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Por estas razones, el OSQ (Observatorio Sismologico del Quindio) e INGEOMINAS, como las entidades estatales encargadas de monitorear la actividad sismica, han de contribuir, a si como los centros regionales de investigacion, al desarrollo de los estudios sismologicos y el analisis de la actividad tectonica local, para asi obtener nuevos conocimientos a cerca de los desastres naturales que amenazan a las comunidades en la region y entender mejor la estructura interna de la corteza en la region del Eje Cafetero.
Between February 1999, and August 2005, the OSQ has recorded 13.
The OSQ items also use a nine-point Likert-type scoring format, ranging from "poor" to "excellent," "inferior" to "superior," and "low standards" to "high standards.
The new ECOCYL OSQ specialty gas cylinder is part the Linde HiQ[R] specialty gases offerings.
Visit the Linde booth to witness a demonstration of the new ECOCYL OSQ specialty gas cylinder that employs a unique negative pressure technology that ensures precision in the calibration gas delivery requirements for ultra-sensitive instruments, particularly gas detectors with docking stations.
As with other patented ECOCYL cylinder models, the ECOCYL OSQ (on demand, stainless steel, quick disconnect) specialty gas cylinder is refillable, avoiding the environmental waste or costly regulatory cylinder return and waste handling issues often associated with disposable cylinder packaging.
The new ECOCYL OSQ specialty gas cylinder is perfectly suited for instruments such as detection monitors with integrated pumps or those monitors calibrated in docking stations with built-in pumping devices.
Utilizing Crees cutting-edge technology, the OSQ LED area luminaires used on the upper level blend extreme optical control, advanced thermal management and modern clean aesthetics to provide industry-leading performance and illumination with dramatically reduced maintenance and energy costs.
The unmatched performance of the OSQ Series is another example of Crees commitment to providing better light that goes beyond the industry standard for our customers, said David Elien, Cree senior vice president, lighting.
Utilizing Crees cutting-edge technology, the OSQ Series blends extreme optical control, advanced thermal management and modern clean aesthetics to dramatically reduce maintenance and energy costs for a rapid return on investment.
The Stratman OSQ Optimum Service Quantity package enables Astea's customers to optimize planning and management of their service and spare parts inventory.
The OSQ Area LED luminaire is an example of Cree s commitment to continuous innovation and 100 percent LED adoption by delivering another luminaire that sets a new industry benchmark for performance, price and versatility, without sacrificing aesthetics, said Norbert Hiller, Cree executive vice president, lighting.