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OSROffice of State Revenue (Australia)
OSROilseed Rape
OSROEM Service Release
OSROrchestre de La Suisse Romande
OSROntario Student Record
OSROutside Sales Representative
OSROffice of School Readiness (various locales)
OSROpen Systems Resources, Inc (Amherst, NH)
OSROil Spill Response
OSROperational Sex Ratio (biology)
OSROperating Systems Review (ACM)
OSROversampling Ratio
OSROhio State Reformatory
OSROffice of Scientific Research
OSROld San Antonio Road
OSROverseas Service Ribbon
OSROptical Solar Reflector
OSROpen Space Reservation (Indian real estate)
OSROrganization Systems Renewal
OSROptical Scanning Recognition
OSROff Side Rear (automotive engineering)
OSROrganization for SETV Research
OSROntario Southland Railway, Inc.
OSROperational Safety Requirement
OSROptical Service Router (Cisco Systems)
OSROperational Safety Review
OSROn-Site Representative
OSROptimized Set Reduction
OSROxidative Stress Relief
OSROne-Shot Rising
OSROffice of Systems Requirements
OSROccupational Survey Report
OSROstrava Mosnov Czech Republic (airport code)
OSROfficial Site Register
OSROrganisation Syndicale Représentative
OSROckanickon Scout Reservation (Pennsylvania Boy Scout Camp)
OSROptical Subrack
OSROnteora Scout Reservation (Livingston Manor, NY)
OSROver Subscription Ratio
OSROn-Scene Representative
OSROptimized Sniper Rifle (LaRue Tactical)
OSROne Step Routing
OSROfficer Selection Report
OSROffice of Standards and Regulation
OSROptimum Sonar Routing
OSROutlet Sales Report
OSROscillator Statistics Request
OSROrder of the Silver Ribbon
OSROperational Support Requirement
OSROriginal Sound Record Co. (record label)
OSROut of Service Repair Tag (mining maintenance industry for sending repairable items off site and keep)
OSROpen Source Religion
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The OSR program has conducted twenty cohorts in its 35-year history, boasting alumni presence in organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing, Boys and Girls Clubs, the higher education sector as well as other private and non-profit organizations.
People who received a star as a present through OSR can enter a registration code in the app and search for their star in the virtual sky.
Inmates are interviewed, and once hired, are overseen by Roberts and other OSR staff.
Mr Anderson, who also operates a private grain-store and drier at Broomhill Farm, near Amble, says OSR has run better than expected, with crops yielding in the region of 1.
The 'standard' structuralist conceptions in the contemporary philosophy of science ESR and OSR possess a fairly clear content: very roughly, according to ESR, structure is all we can know (hence 'epistemic'), whereas according to OSR, structure is all there is (hence 'ontic').
47-68, 72-74; Fragment of Edwin Everett's Diary, 1856-57, OSR, UNERA, A103:V3052/11.
Almost wistfully, one local paper declared that the OSR had entered the "age of marketing".
The farmer had a red Renault tractor, fuelled by biofuel from his own small OSR press.
2006) and social polygyny, the latter being more common when OSR favors females (Smith et al.
The OSR contains, in addition to the OSB, such items as performance reports, training reports, decorations, and a promotion recommendation form.
Along with automated baggage in-feed, the use of manual roller tables on the exit side of the EDS allow for the immediate shunting of alarm bags to the adjacent resolution area where OSR tools may be employed and ETD bag search resolution techniques conducted as necessary.
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