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OSRCOklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission (est. 1977)
OSRCOpen Source Resource Center (Islamabad, Pakistan)
OSRCOn-Surface Radiation Condition
OSRCOndo State Radiovision Corporation (Nigeria)
OSRCOperating Systems Resource Center
OSRCOld Saybrook Racquet Club (Old Saybrook, CT)
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In response to public concerns regarding the use of dispersants during the OSRC, the U.
Given the lack of epidemiologic research into the effects of dispersant exposure on human health, our study used data from a large cohort of workers participating in the Deepwater Horizon OSRC to assess two related objectives.
Data were from the Gulf Long-term Follow-up Study (GuLF STUDY), a prospective cohort study of persons involved in the OSRC following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill (Kwok et al.
Sanford recently decided to leave the Conservation Commission to devote more time and energy to the OSRC.
The plan will give us a five-year action plan but, frankly, I see this effort extending well beyond that and the OSRC staying active well into the future.
Second, students were informed of the current tuition rates for all four colleges: MVNC - $6,070, ONU - $6,476, MC - $7,860, and OSRC - $1,750.
By providing institutional financial aid, MVNC and ONU are very price competitive with OSRC rates.
The OSRC workforce included individuals from the Gulf states and across the United States and comprised oil industry workers, Coast Guard and other government personnel, temporarily out-of-work fishermen participating in the Vessels of Opportunity program, individuals looking for work, and volunteers.
The GuLF STUDY (Gulf Long-term Follow-up Study) is a prospective cohort study designed to examine human health effects among the DWH OSRC workers.
Individuals with contact information were considered eligible for the study if they were [greater than or equal to] 21 years of age at enrollment and had either worked on the OSRC in any capacity for at least 1 day or had completed safety training but were not hired.
As part of the two-year agreement, TRI will leverage the expertise of OSRCs engineering team, engaging them in a variety of initiatives.
This centre will provide supplementary personnel and equipment to enhance the response capabilities of the current OSRCs of IEMS and SERS.