OSRDOffice of Scientific Research and Development
OSRDOpen Space Residential Development (suburban tract allotment)
OSRDOpen Space Residential Design
OSRDOffice of Standard Reference Data
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Roosevelt established OSRD within the Office for Emergency Management of the Executive Office of the President.
4) OSRD Director Bush reported directly to President Roosevelt.
Opposing Kilgore's social welfare notions were Vannevar Bush, head of OSRD, and most of America's high-level research scientists.
Released to the public on July 19, 1945, Bush's report became, as an OSRD staff member remarked, "an instant smash hit," applauded in scores of editorials across the ideological, partisan, and geographical spectrum.
It was a failure rooted in success: for OSRD had been fraught with contrary tensions, committed to a conservative contractual strategy forged in the America of Warren G.
Contractors could expect "that reasonable profits would later be forthcoming from procurement contracts with the Armed Services for devices and instrumentalities developed under OSRD contracts.
Bush's initial estimate that the committee would need only $10 million or less that first year proved a gross underestimate of what OSRD would eventually spend in its future yearly budgets.
Much interesting and important applied mathematics was going on elswhere in the war effort, but AMP was set up to provide additional mathematical assistance, aiding the military services and other divisions of OSRD when they were asked to do so, provided they considered that they had a reasonable chance to do something useful.
In fact, the support of the Mathematical Tables Project (administered by NBS) had been taken over from OSRD by the navy toward the end of 1945 when wartime projects that were of continuing interest to the military services were transferred to those services for support.
Meanwhile, the OSRD gave contracts to universities, hospitals, and other private and semiprivate agencies, using public funds to support research into penicillin's chemical structure and use in therapy.
One facility the OSRD selected to produce naturally fermented penicillin was the Northern Regional Research Laboratory in Peoria, Illinois.
The OSRD urged manufacturers in 1943 to "impress upon every worker in your plant that penicillin produced today will be saving the life of someone in a few days or curing the disease of someone now incapacitated.