OSRMOpen Source Risk Management
OSRMOpen System Reference Model
OSRMOregon State Railroad Museum (Cottage Grove, OR)
OSRMOrganisational Self-Review Measure
OSRMOffice of Standard Reference Materials (Institute of Standards and Technology)
OSRMOrders, Shipments, Revenue and Margin
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Ian Lewis, Director-Science & Technology at Miller with over 17 years experience assisting clients with intellectual property risks said, "We are delighted to have been chosen by OSRM to assist them in developing underwriting support for this highly specialized exposure and to be working with Kiln, who once again rose to the challenge of pushing the insurance boundaries.
Perens is the creator of the Open Source Definition and founder of the Open Source Initiative and has given his seal of approval to both OSRM and moves to protect the legal image of open source software.
Concurrently, the OSRM was renamed the SRM Program and placed within OMS, one of the four new directorates comprising TS.
We determined that we can; and we will," said OSRM founder and chairman, Daniel Egger.
Challenging and successfully debunking a single patent or a group of patents or even a majority of patents is not the point of this project," says Len Newman, attorney and software developer who has joined OSRM to head the project full- time.
The testing was intended to improve interoperability of products supporting the OSRM functions specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) with future expansion of scope for the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) and International Telecommunication Union Standardization Sector (ITU-T).
Our goal in founding OSRM was to help maintain the vitality of the open source movement by providing the necessary risk-management and risk-shifting.
The goal of our testing was to build a detailed interoperable solution driven by service providers' demands, but we pushed GMPLS testing into altogether new territory," said Ben Schultz, manager of the UNH-IOL's OSRM test event.
But, we also concluded that the Linux patent risks are manageable because of the economies of scale achieved by bringing together large numbers of end-users through a structured program of insurance and loss-control, like that now offered by OSRM.
OSRM helps organizations assess potential legal risks around their use of Open Source, and design risk mitigation solutions based on a set of best practice protocols.
Our clients will receive legal protection equal to, if not beyond, what they receive with proprietary software licenses," said Daniel Egger, founder and chairman of OSRM.
OSRM will provide coordinated legal defense services for these potential SCO defendants, enabling them to build a more powerful defense at significant cost savings.