OSROOil Spill Response Organization
OSROOil Spill Removal Organization
OSROOffice of Student Research Opportunities (Mount Sinai School of Medicine; New York, NY)
OSROOffice of Sahelian Relief Operations
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This requirement led to the creation of Oil Spill Response Organizations, or OSROs, a small yet vital part of the Alaska oil and gas industry.
To this end, Alaska OSROs provide a lot of training, both to their members and to those working in the field.
One of the advantages of OSROs is that they have the equipment and manpower needed to respond immediately to oil spills.
A lot of those companies must have had OSROs listed in their contingency plans, and there are only a few of us in the state.
As we continue to expand our spill response division, we look forward to securing additional OSRO contracts from other transporters and storage facilities in the Northeast, as well.
In addition to our ability to quickly and effectively respond to any emergency situation, we believe that our expertise in wildlife and wetlands preservation plays a pivotal role when environmentally conscious companies, such as Texaco and LILCO, select OSRO contractors.
They then charged subscribing companies a percentage of their operating budget, a one-time donation for equipment, and required proof that companies are financially able to reimburse OSROs for cleanup expenses in the event of a spill.