OSRUIOlin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute (Oconomowoc, WI)
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Whether emphasizing God's will or the complex workings of history, Israel-related programming at OSRUI and Swig encouraged campers to identify with Israel and its people and to understand Zionism as a thoroughly American preoccupation.
My Future as an American Jew," file 1, box 4, Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute Records, MSS 648 (collection hereafter cited as OSRUI Records), AJA.
Campers Relive Jewish History," clipping from Judaism Journal (camp bulletin), file 14, box 4, OSRUI Records.
Kitzon: Iton Machaney Hachalutzim (concluding newsletter), file 8, box 6, OSRUI Records.
Biographical information on individual counselors appears sporadically throughout programs and bulletins in both the OSRUI and Swig Camp records.