OSRVTOne System Remote Video Terminal
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OSRVT can also handle data decoding, giving the operator access to more geospatial intelligence, annotated maps that can be shown alongside a live video window and keyboard-free operation.
Under an ongoing support contract, Textron Systems anticipates upgrading more than 3,100 OSRVT systems to the -50 configuration for the U.
The OSRVT can be used in a stand-alone configuration, but is also being integrated into other platforms.
The modem on the current generation OSRVT is already bi-directional.
In addition to providing real-time dedicated support, Army UAS provide sensor products for intelligence analysis and exploitation through the use of the OSRVT, Distributed Common Ground System-Army, and other network-based communications linkages, contributing to higher echelon collection efforts, but not at the expense of the current fight.
Extended-range antennas enable the OSRVT systems to meet mission range requirements with reception up to 80 kilometers.
Camp Shelby is rich with training assets and resources, but units are unaware how easily things like RQ-7s and OSRVTs can be requested and used," according to Mr.
Extended-range antennas enable OSRVT systems to meet mission range requirements with reception up to 80 kilometers.
The OSRVT is a leap in capability from other UAS video receivers because it displays not only video, but also "metadata" that tell Soldiers exactly where the UAS is, which is essential for tactical combat decisions.
In addition to calling for an added number of OSRVT production units this year, the fully funded $14.
AAI will integrate software, electronic modules and other enabling technologies into five initial OSRVT hardware demonstrator units for engineering evaluation by the U.
Operating on a dedicated onboard computer and transceiver subsystem integrated into the existing cockpit displays and interfaces, the AAI and L-3 system received unmanned aircraft video across multiple radio frequency bands, transmitted video and telemetry data to ground-based OSRVT terminals, and shared aircraft sensor video between the Kiowa and a similarly equipped Boeing Apache([R]) helicopter.