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OSSDOntario Secondary School Diploma
OSSDOss Default
OSSDOrganization for the Study of Sex Differences (Washington, DC)
OSSDOpen Source Sports Directory (resource)
OSSDOpportunistic Software Systems Development (various organizations)
OSSDOpen Software Service Definition (FOSS)
OSSDOffice of Space Systems Development (NASA)
OSSDDigor (linguistics)
OSSDOperations Support Services Division (San Jose Police Department; California)
OSSDOutput Signal Switch Device
OSSDOptical and Space Systems Division
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The development of this tool was carried out through the Open Source Software Development (OSSD) that seamlessly combined both Open Source Software (OSS) and Knowledge Management (KM).
French Immersion: Completion of requirements for the French Immersion curriculum at the secondary school level provides the opportunity for students to graduate, along with their OSSD, with a certificate of Bilingual Studies in French Immersion from the TDSB as well as the opportunity to achieve an Honours Certificate in Bilingual Studies in French Immersion from the TDSB (TDSB, French Immersion, current website).
Within Ontario there are many programs to keep students aged 16 to 18 in school, for instance, the Learning to 18 initiative developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education, but there are many students who do not achieve an OSSD by age 18.
In addition to the topics mandated for students seeking OSSD certification, Catholic students also receive the mandatory Grade Nine Religious Education course which includes sexual health topics addressed in the Catholic context.
Only students in approved SCWI dual credit programs may count dual credits toward the OSSD. All programs are based on collaboration and partnership between school boards and colleges.
The OSSD will investigate the role that biological sex plays in all aspects of physiological functioning, hoping to improve the diagnosis and treatment of complex health conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and mental illness.
Various LEDs and a digital display indicate the OSSD status, report weak reception signal and help make adjustments or quickly perform error diagnostics on site.
On the other hand, open source project are based on open source software development model (OSSD) (Vidyasagar Potdar & Elizabeth Chang 2004).
- Processing of paperless documents (based on OSSD).
Students can earn up to four optional credits of the 30 required credits for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) outside the secondary school system.
Larah Bigras already has her Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), but the 18-year-old is back at Sudbury Secondary School (SSS) for an extra year to challenge herself, beef up her marks and better her chances at winning a few scholarships and bursaries en route to college.