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OSSDOntario Secondary School Diploma
OSSDOrganization for the Study of Sex Differences (Washington, DC)
OSSDOpen Software Service Definition (FOSS)
OSSDOffice of Space Systems Development (NASA)
OSSDOperations Support Services Division (San Jose Police Department; California)
OssDDigor (linguistics)
OSSDOptical and Space Systems Division
OSSDOutput Signal Switch Device
OSSDOpen Source Sports Directory (resource)
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Feller and Fitzgerald [1] strongly argue the importance of OSSD approach in developing effective applications that are reliable, inexpensive, high quality; moreover, such applications can be quickly produced, effectively shortening the lead time.
In order to solve the problem addressed by [3], a KM technology seems a viable method to share knowledge in OSSD among practitioners [1,5,2,6,4].
The OYAP courses and program provide students with apprenticeship opportunities while they are working towards their OSSD (OYAP, 2009).
We have realised that attendance issues can contribute to a student leaving a high school setting because students who have reduced attendance also demonstrate diminished achievement on assessment and evaluation events and therefore depart without completing the OSSD requirements.
Our theory suggests that once they are motivated to reach their goal of an OSSD, then they can break the pattern of maladaptive behaviour that initially led to their withdrawal.
In addition to the topics mandated for students seeking OSSD certification, Catholic students also receive the mandatory Grade Nine Religious Education course which includes sexual health topics addressed in the Catholic context.
The OSSD will help further the work of the Society, which has brought national attention to the need for the inclusion of women in medical research studies and the need for more information about conditions that affect women exclusively, predominantly, or differently than men.
Various LEDs and a digital display indicate the OSSD status, report weak reception signal and help make adjustments or quickly perform error diagnostics on site.
Because no strict sequence of phases is defined in OSSD (Figure 3), OSP cannot be tracked according to phases.
SanDisk implemented the new SATA oSSD specification into its iSSD embedded drive.
SATA-IO is also developing interoperability tests for oSSD products that will help ensure devices based on the oSSD standard will be compatible with other oSSD-based products.
Headquartered in Danbury, CT, Goodrich OSSD designs and builds high-performance custom-engineered electronics, optics and electro-optical products and services for sophisticated defense, scientific, and commercial applications.