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OSSDOntario Secondary School Diploma
OSSDOrganization for the Study of Sex Differences (Washington, DC)
OSSDOpen Software Service Definition (FOSS)
OSSDOffice of Space Systems Development (NASA)
OSSDOperations Support Services Division (San Jose Police Department; California)
OssDDigor (linguistics)
OSSDOptical and Space Systems Division
OSSDOutput Signal Switch Device
OSSDOpen Source Sports Directory (resource)
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SATA-IO is also developing interoperability tests for oSSD products that will help ensure devices based on the oSSD standard will be compatible with other oSSD-based products.
The oSSD specification was developed as part of SATA-IO's continued mission to provide low-cost, high performance storage solutions optimized for a variety of device segments.
Flash industry leaders are supportive of the oSSD initiative.
The oSSD specification will enable embedded storage applications to give designers greater design flexibility," said Scott Nelson, VP Memory Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
SanDisk implemented the new SATA oSSD specification into its iSSD embedded drive.
The SATA oSSD specification eliminates the module connector from the traditional SATA interface, enabling developers to produce a single-chip SATA implementation for embedded storage applications.
Initiatives such as the oSSD specification promote the development of new standards for storage solutions that help manufacturers continually refine their end consumer product and drive new industry sectors.
The SATA oSSD standard-conforming SanDisk iSSD series utilizes a new electrical pin-out that allows SATA delivery using a single ball grid array (BGA) package.
We are excited to have industry-wide support for the oSSD specification and look forward to seeing many oSSD-based products available in the near future.
SanDisk offers a full range of client PC SSD products, including the U100 SSD for cost-effective performance and customizable form factors, the SanDisk iSSD for OEMs who need an embedded oSSD SATA form factor, and a consumer offering that includes the SanDisk Ultra([R]) SSD, which serves as a drop-in replacement for hard disk drives.