OSSGObesity Surgery Support Group
OSSGOffice of the Spokesman for the Secretary General (UN)
OSSGOpen Source Specialist Group (UK)
OSSGOperations and Sustainment Systems Group (replaces SSG and SSG/BISA office symbols at Gunter AFB, AL)
OSSGOpen Systems Software Group
OSSGOpen Software Systems Group (Defence and Evaluation Research Agency; UK)
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OSSG presently has 150,000 ordinary stock in its share capital, of which 30,000 ordinary stock are owned by EMS Offshore.
EMS Offshore has proposed to sell its 30,000 ordinary stock in the capital of, representing 20% of the issued shares in OSSG.
Once the proposed disposal is completed, OSSG will stop being an associated company.
OSSG has achieved its own success through the execution of a strategy that emphasizes diversity and interrelated revenue streams.
The acquisition provides OSSG additional depth to its range of technology services and brands to help small business with large-scale network and e-marketing solutions.
This acquisition provides OSSG the momentum to leverage our existing business globally, and provide a unique suite of technology services to acquire new customers," said Matthew Brown, President of Online Sales Strategies.
As previously announced, VitalTrust shall issue 5,000,000 shares of its common stock to select shareholders of OSSG.
After a careful review of business opportunities, OSSG will continue to operate as a public company to take advantage of the capital markets and its explosive growth opportunities.
The agreement also includes rights to other shares in the entities owned by companies affiliated with Stanton, and a continuing 40% interest in the operating subsidiary of OSSG (Online Outpost).
The shareholders entitled to participate in the distribution excludes shares issued to acquire WhiteKnight during 2003 and Online Outpost during 2005 (approximately 90% of the outstanding shares of OSSG are excluded).