OSSHEOregon State System of Higher Education
OSSHEOccupational Safety Security & Health Expo (India)
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In addition, OSSHE required five-digit dialing between campuses, feature transparency to the extent that the phone systems would interoperate, and enhanced capabilities such as call forwarding or callback between campuses.
For example, the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, a teaching hospital and member of OSSHE, is implementing the Biomedical Information Communications Center (BICC), a project that provides statewide access for physicans to patient records.
OSSHE, anxious to have all the necessary equipment in place to support an evolving state-of-the-art network, purchased eight AT&T System 85 switches and one Definity Generic 1.
The only thing OSSHE did not buy from AT&T was the Cable Master cable management system, which was provided by the Angeles Group.
The Definity system is installed at the Marine Science Center near Newport, 40 miles from the nearest OSSHE campus.