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OssIIron (linguistics)
OSSIOpen Source Software Institute
OSSIOutback Steakhouse, Inc. (stock symbol)
OSSIOffice of Security Services International
OSSIOperation Support Systems Interface
OSSIOffice of Supplemental Security Income (Social Security Administration)
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Ossi said that the committee will cooperate with all official and popular reconciliation committees over Syria, reviewing the plan set up by the committee in cooperation with the National Security Council at the People's Assembly to implement the political program.
This validation is a first," noted Steve Marquess, the OSSI technical project manager for this effort.
This effort is part of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between OSSI and the Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (CNMOC) (http://pao.
Any Oklahoma School (public, private, non-profit, and charter school as well as technology centers) may contact OSSI for programs and resources to enhance school security and assess risks and threats to school campuses.
If the Kurdish political parties really want to fight against the ISIL through their military wings, they should be in real coordination with Damascus, Tehran and Moscow," Ossi said.
But OSSI is really more of an anti-brand because it designates "freed seed.
Degli Ossi di seppia Comparini risalta il delinearsi di un "raggio d'azione attorno al rapporto tra l'io e la realta, tra la capacita dell'io di comprendere e di conoscere i fenomeni e 1'incapacita dell'io stesso di volerli vivere" (13).
For his part, Chairman of the National reconciliation committee Omar Ossi appreciated the independent role of PAM to relay the Syrian viewpoint to the Assembly's parliaments and press the EU governments to stop supporting terrorist organizations in Syria and boost their role in achieving international peace.
Those behind the OSSI worry about their ability to continue improving plants under the patenting system.
Leading grid p ositions: 1 J Lorenzo, 2 D Pedrosa,3C Crutchlow,4BS pies,5SBr adl,6 AD ovizioso,7JR ea,8VR ossi,9NH ayden.
In his tenure with OSSI, Vivek developed a top-notch consulting organization, expanded it from 250 to more than 1,300, while simulataneously increasing the portfolio of services being offered by nearly 400 percent.
FMV's ability to support world-class aviation medicine training, research, and test and evaluation will be assured for the long term by the cost savings and facility management skills delivered by Qinetiq," said Brigadier General Ossi Koukkula, FMV's director of test and evaluation.