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OSSIMOpen Source Software Image Map
OSSIMOpen Source Security Information Management
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Once the deployment of all the virtual machines, network configurations, and virtual sensors had been performed, HYBINT executed a scheduled vulnerability scan using OSSIM over the proposed scenario identifying potential open doors to both physical and cyber assets.
The company said that AV-OTX, which is free to contributors, cleanses, aggregates, validates and publishes threat data streaming in from the broadest range of security devices across a community of more than 18,000 OSSIM and AlienVault deployments.
An AlienVault Unified SIEM (commercial) or AlienVault OSSIM (open source) installed on a Control System network could in the least-invasive scenario be installed with a single Ethernet connection to a network switch located between the Controllers and Actuators.
Request for best offers and proposals in public auctions for the transfer of leasing and exploitation rights of three branches of the company including (a) Sahragt Al Kobra Branch (about 640 M2 area) in Mit Ghamr, Dakahliya, on Cairo/ Mansoura Agricultural Highway, (b) Mallawi Branch & Warehouse (of 400 M2 area) in Bandar Mallawi in Menia Governorate & (c) Ossim Branch (520 M2 area) in Ossim City in Giza Governorate.
Paving of a 6 meters wide section of Ossim Road, and re-paving of the extension of El Gal St.
Two tenders for the rehabilitation/ replacement, supply & erection of (a) public lighting columns with related accessories, also (b) supply of an ultrasonic waves instrument required for the Child Care Center in Ossim.
Two tenders for the construction of two new post offices at (a) Ossim, (b) Abu Hommos (in Beheira) .