OSSLTOntario Secondary School Literacy Test (Canada)
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The OSSLT is designed to measure literacy skills across all the required subject curricula up to Grade 9 (EQAO, 2009a).
In the second phase, focus groups were conducted with L1 and L2 test takers after completing the OSSLT to compare the two groups' accounts of the test.
The OSSLT is a provincial standards-based test of the reading and writing skills students are expected to have with all subjects up to the end of Grade 9.
Students who do not pass the OSSLT can repeat the test or take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course to satisfy the requirement.
The franchised remediation outlets setting up in strip malls across Ontario owe much to the OSSLT.
Opponents of the OSSLT made all these points, and more, when the test was first proposed.
In terms of achievement for first-time eligible students taking the OSSLT, the results are even starker.
The OSSLT is a provincially mandated standardized test of English literacy.
In the EQAO's estimation, then, the data gathered through the OSSLT benefits society as a whole.
around OSSLT, we are running Counting on You literacy initiatives for those kids that have been identified at Level 2.
Large-scale high-stakes literacy testing like the OSSLT can be particularly problematic for vulnerable groups of students who are second language learners or who have little formal education in English, the language in which literacy is being tested.
A student questionnaire, included during the sitting of the OSSLT, required students to specify the level of study in which they were registered for the purposes of attaining their English credit.