OSSNOutside Sales Support Network
OSSNOcular Surface Squamous Neoplasia
OSSNOpen Source Service Network
OSSNOperations Services Support Network
OSSNOriginating Station Serial/Sequence Number
OSSNOperational Support System Network
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In OSSN, most recurrences are confined to the ocular surface, which can usually be controlled by excision or local treatment.
At present OSSN is in the process of deploying the CCRAonelink.
OSSN can show isolated corneal involvement also; 79% of HIV infected patients had OSSN in Africa.
1] In Western countries, OSSN was long regarded as a relatively rare, slow-growing tumour primarily affecting elderly men,[2,3] but recent evidence suggests a 12-fold increased risk among patients with advanced HIV disease in the USA.
As many as 70-80% of patients under the age of 50 years with OSSN are HIV positive.
According to the OSSN, 65% of respondents said profitability was up in 2010 and 89% expect their business to improve this year.
1) Clinically, OSSN appears as a papilliform, leukoplakic lesion or a gelatinous mass with superficial vessels.
Top E, from second left to right, SK3 Gian Rodriguez, SH2 Michael Grimaldo, SK2 Jeremiah Fuller, SK2 John Estes, OSSN Jesse Richardson, SK3 Steven Evans, CTRSN Aaron Rogers.
OSSN Tristan Exum watches the radar on the bridge of the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) to report aircraft positions.
INTRODUCTION: OSSN describes a spectrum of neoplastic lesions, originating from squamous epithelium ranging from simple dysplasia to invasive squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), involving the conjunctiva, limbus and the cornea.
OSSN is a group of ocular tumours that is rising in incidence among HIV-infected individuals in sub-Saharan Africa, and may be emerging as an AIDS-defining illness.
The company is an active member of ASTA TOP, USTOA, CLIA, WRTA, ATS and OSSN.