OSSPOpen Source Software Project
OSSPOrganization Standard Software Process
OSSPOrganization's Set of Standard Processes
OSSPOperating System Service Provider
OSSPOperations Systems Strategic Plan (Bellcore)
OSSPOpen Systems Standards Profile (Sprint)
OSSPOrganizational Safeguards and Security Plan
OSSPOpen Source Science Project (West Bloomfield, MI)
OSSPOrganization-Specific Slow Protocol (standardized process)
OSSPOnline Student Services Project
OSSPOn Site Support Program (Data General)
OSSPOperations Support Savings Plan (Lockheed Martin Corporation)
OSSPOscar Scherer State Park (Florida)
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In the software units, in turn, Unit Software Engineering Process Groups (U-SEPG) were responsible for tailoring and integrating the OSSP into Project Defined Software Processes (PDSP); whereas PDSP involved a set of technical and managerial Core Competencies and Capabilities (CCC) for software projects.
At this layer, OSSP routines supported managers and software experts mostly with high-order or dynamic capabilities for the reconfiguration and integration of PDSP sub-routines into new capabilities which better matched the task and overall environments.
These results indicated that Alpha's Software Capabilities, especially represented by OSSP and PDSP routines and subroutines, contributed to improve CS, PE and ASP during the study period.
Our CMMI-DEV ML3 rating demonstrates that SSC Pacific has an established, robust, and sustainable process infrastructure and OSSP in place to support information dominance and warrior decision-making, in alignment with the center's and SPAWAR's primary mission to the warfighter.
The MM in this context contains product and process measures that are related to the OSSP.
An OSSP contains definitions of the processes that guide all activities in an organization.
This characteristic is implemented in the MM, for example, by measuring the process elements of the OSSP or by measuring the percentage of projects using the process architectures and process elements of the OSSP.
If a CVS repository with OSSP shiela enabled is accessible via pserver, non-shell users may be able to execute commands.
This feature of the OSSP provides three- to five-day turnaround for all Overland Data-manufactured drives.