OSSSOne Stop Satellite Solutions
OSSSOperational Space Services and Support
OSSSOfficer Selection Support System
OSsSBrigittine Monks Order of the Most Holy Savior
OSSSOne Stop Security Shop
OSSSOpen Source Security Summit
OSSSOpen Side, Side Seam (envelope design)
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The other solutions sets are designed to: help telecommunications carriers to consolidate their OSS infrastructures after a merger, interconnect the OSSs of competing carriers that must work together, perform systems integration to help new carriers come to market rapidly, and help telecommunications providers automate their operations environments.
According to NetCracker, the recipe for Service Layer Transformation is logical: CSPs must avoid incrementalism in OSS, and must tackle the systemic problems of lack of automation, antiquated processes and inefficient resource optimization.
From a single switch, Applied Innovation products can provide connectivity for a wide range of NEs and any OSS.
Continuing the tradition of delivering cutting-edge, innovative solutions, NetCracker Technology today introduced OSS Orchestrator for IMS/SDP deployments, an enhanced industry solution for Communications Service Providers (CSP) and IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) / Service Delivery Platform (SDP) vendors.
commands between the service-providing network and OSSs in a network
The OSS combines the Agilent OSS Wireless QoS Manager and Fault Manager, so FET can simulate subscriber use and, if there are problems, drill down into the network data to find a root cause.
Having successfully worked with TietoEnator, which has extensive experience in OSS (operations support system) integration, and Agilent, the leader in network and service assurance management, we believe that extending this partnership to include GPRS enables us to offer the highest level of performance while meeting our subscribers' critical SLAs.
The demo will show cable companies how they can create new customized services, use integrated OSSs, test different service levels, and provide web-based interfaces to their subscribers.
By enabling interoperability with Telcordia OSSs, Tropic Networks is taking the steps necessary to facilitate the integration of its reconfigurable optical transport system into existing service provider infrastructures.
The BLM 1500 has been fully characterized through the OSMINE process for immediate deployability, and includes patent-pending Virtual Network Element technology that allows seamless migration to next generation OSSs.
Ultimately, we selected Granite Systems' Xng System because the combination of its rich feature set, ease of integration with other OSSs and proven track record demonstrated that it would provide a strong competitive advantage and the greatest ROI.
ECI's Hi-FOCuS(TM) multi-service access gateway system can now be seamlessly integrated with service providers that have deployed Telcordia OSSs, such as the US-based incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs).