OSSUOrange Southwest Supervisory Union (Vermont)
OSSUOperating Systems, Services and Utilities
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Moving inland, the people of the mountain kingdom of Ossu also narrate stories of their springs, which relate and connect them to the power of the waters of both Luca and Irabi.19 The custodian of the water in Irabi, Armindo da Silva, asserts a long-standing connection between the kingdoms of Luca and Irabi.
Noda ba postu seluk koalia katak: They include other districts, as it is told: Ossu Ossu Rua.
(15) Most foho participants in market activities were Makassai or Waimaha, people living in the mountainous sub-districts of Ossu (Viqueque district) and Venilale (Baucau district).16 Altitude and the availability of water played a major part in determining which crops could be grown as the cooler temperatures and abundance (in some areas) of water were more conducive to the cultivation of fruits such as tangerines (sabraca-lotuk), oranges (sabraca), lemons (derok), and pineapples (anana); and green vegetables such as lettuces (alfase), cabbages (repollu), and spinach (kankun malai) than the much hotter area around Viqueque town.
Although a substantial majority of Timorese in the sub-district comprised non-Christians, the Catholic mission in the town of Ossu had made converts over the years sufficiently numerous for the priest based there to come fairly regularly on Sundays to say Mass in the building that arose up from the market plaza.
From the south-western side of the plaza rose a stone wall several yards high which supported an embankment carrying the road that connected Be-Asu with the towns of Ossu, Venilale, and Baucau to the north.
Among the Timorese themselves most transactions occurred between the two categories of ema timur but so dominant was the foho commercial presence that had they shifted their produce to the emporia at Venilale, Ossu, Uato Carabau, or Uato Lari, the result would have been seriously detrimental to the Viqueque economy.