OSTCFederal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (Belgium)
OSTCOpen Source Training and Consulting (Nuremberg, Germany)
OSTCOpen System Testing Consortium
OSTCOutward Spiral Theatre Company (Minneapolis, MN)
OSTCOshkosh State Teachers College (Oshkosh, WI)
OSTCOregon Society of Tax Consultants, Inc.
OSTCOntario Sales Tax Credit (Ontario, Canada)
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The company originally chose Wales because of some of the grant assistance available, but also the availability of talented young people," said Paul Langley, managing director of OSTC FX.
This is the first year of Highmark companies' participation in the OSTC program.
While Tobermory's port is deep, South Baymouth's is much shallower, and Schrempf said the OSTC may have to consider dredging the bay.
Products or services approved by the OSTC will be given a mark, similar to the COS program.
Dafydd James has joined foreign exchange business OSTC FX based in Swansea
com and a non-executive director of Ospreys Rugby, has launched the venture in partnership with Swansea-based OSTC, the largest derivatives trading house in the UK outside London.
OSTC, which has 13 offices across Europe, North America and Asia, will provide School of Management students with access to specialist trading and charting software in a newly-established trading room.
OSTC works closely with the region's universities, helping students to understand how "news" and macro-economic factors impact on the financial markets and recruiting the possible traders of the future.
Huron will be added to the array of technologies that have been assembled at the OSTC to support the development and implementation of HP's customers' open transition plans.
This is the trading floor of OSTC, a global company specialising in trading derivatives, financial transactions the public only read about or see on film.
For the time being, UNIX will be at the center of OSTC activities.
He developed OSTC from a one ship market organization to a five ship market organization, with a very significant market share in the Jones Act Parcel trade.