OSTIOffice of Scientific and Technical Information
OSTIOrganization for Social and Technological Innovation (Boston, MA)
OSTIOpen and Secure Terminal Initiative
OSTIOcean Science and Technology for Islands (India)
OSTIOccupational Safety Training Institute (Sparks, NV)
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OSTI provides data registration as a free service to DOE organizations and projects, but also offers it to other U.
The team at OSTI has seen a wider variety of projects involving data registration.
Now budget constraints at OSTI and the momentum of the Web are pushing PubScience to sacrifice indexing for broader access.
In fact, it was to broaden the availability of these controlled-access reports that OSTI offered them to university-based DOE contractors through their libraries, he says.
Time spent by supervisors on the other OSTI categories was not expected to be predictive of team performance.
The OSTI data use implies that emphasized records within a smaller domain of OPAC materials lead to more effective/appropriate access to quality material than access to those same high-quality materials discovered through the use of sophisticated aggregated content search tools.
Brian Hitson, associate director of OSTI, described the alliance as "consisting of grassroots owners of sources that would be added to WorldWideScience.
Walter Warnick, OSTI director since 1997, is waiting to make a final decision until all comments are in.
Noting recent press reports, the Treasury has requested the Council urgently to review the governance arrangement with respect to the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance ( OSTI ) Board.
The American Meteorological Society simply can't submit records for the 27 journals that OSTI credits to it (as well as to the genuine contributor, thus double counting) because it publishes only 10 journals, not counting its abstracting-and-indexing publication--which it will certainly not offer for free to PubSCIENCE.