OSTIMOrtadoðu Sanayi ve Ticaret Merkezi (Middle East Industry and Commerce Center; Ankara, Turkey)
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Minister of Labor and Social Security Omer Dincer said a thorough analysis of the possible causes of the explosions in OSTIM and Ivedik industry zones were not completed yet, adding however that they detected some job safety and health hazard problems.
The Turkish capital city was shaken by two major explosions at OSTIM industrial zone on Thursday.
The second blast occurred at a bio-diesel filling station in OSTIM at around 7:45 p.
Ankara's OSTIM industrial zone, which is home to nearly 5,000 companies and tens of thousands of workers, turned into a battlefield.
The blast happened in a biodiesel filling station in OSTIM at around 7:45 p.
Ankara Governor Alaaddin Yuksel said that following the first blast --which killed six people and injured 34 others again in OSTIM earlier today--, a second blast occurred in the district.
ANKARA, Feb 4, 2011 (TUR) -- Search & rescue teams have recovered one more body after Thursday's second blast at OSTIM industrial zone in capital Ankara, raising the death toll in the explosion to ten.
ANKARA, Feb 3, 2011 (TUR) -- At least four people were killed in a second blast which occurred in OSTIM industrial zone in capital Ankara on Thursday.