OSTPOffice of Science & Technology Policy
OSTPOklahoma School Testing Program (standardized testing)
OSTPOutokumpu Stainless Tubular Products (various locations)
OSTPOnboard Short Term Plan
OSTPOnsite Sewage Treatment Program (Water Resources Center; Universtiy of Minnesota; St. Paul, MN)
OSTPOff-Season Training Program (dragon boat racing; Australia)
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In the joint announcement, officials of OSTP and OFPP said: "We encourage both private sector stakeholders and public servants to engage in a sustained public discussion, identifying new case studies and improving this document's usefulness in future iterations.
OSTP director John Holdren testified that he was told by the Department of Justice that his office s activities fell under the president s exclusive executive authority to conduct foreign diplomacy, and that the statute therefore did not apply to OSTP.
nominated a candidate to lead OSTP, the distinguished physicist John
In the final report of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Ad Hoc Advisory Panel we went beyond what OSTP recommends: "to identify broad, overarching principles to govern the conduct of research.
Approximately 130 middle and high school students from schools in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington will join OSTP Director John Holdren and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden for a rare opportunity to connect with two members of the International Space Station crew at 1:30 p.
The federal government invests over $140 billion in research and development annually—through research institution grants, small business contracts, and civil servant research efforts—and OSTP convened the panel to help maximize the return on investment for the US taxpayer.
Through budgetary legislation engineered by Wolf, OSTP and NASA are currently restricted from fully engaging with China, putting in jeopardy the mutually beneficial S&T cooperation relationship that has been built by the two countries during the past three decades.
As much as 90 per cent of the products that OASP distributes including those manufactured by its partner OSTP at its various international sites is consumed within Saudi Arabia.
Findings from the 2003 FESAC report: "A Plan for the Development of Fusion Energy" - Robert Goldston, Michael Campbell Perspectives from OSTP - Steve Fetter Perspectives from DOE Office of Science - Bill Brinkman
OSTP neither agreed nor disagreed with our recommendation, but provided technical comments.
It's especially important that those activities discussed by the OSTP be supported by a proposed budget to cover those modest costs required," said Tom Jones, another former astronaut and co-chair of the ad-hoc task force.
Bush turned to him after several earlier candidates backed away from the offer on hearing that the science adviser post would be downgraded to a lower ranking at the White House, from assistant to the President, the highest ranking, to simply director of OSTP.