OSUBAtlantic FBM Submarine Broadcast
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Pisaflores Tepehua (49) maa?alca ?an lapanaak [yuu maala?acaakal] maa-an--li=ca an lapanaak [yuu maala?acaa--kan--li OOBJ] EVID-go--PFV=CL DET man REL send.X-INDEF.SUB-PFV __ 'The man that they sent went.' (MacKay and Trechsel 2012: 111, line 12) (50) maatanahun [yuu tawilanancaal ?alma?asday] maa-ta-nahun [yuu ta-wila-nan--caal OSUB alma?ast'ay] EVID-3PL.SUB-tell REL 3PL.SUB-sitting-PL-there __ up.there 'Say those who live in the North.' (MacKay and Trechsel 2012: 111, line 9) Both of these relatives, one subject-centred (50) and one objected-centred (49), are introduced by yuu (glossed here as a relativizer to facilitate comparison), which (50) shows to be invariant for number.
Upper Necaxa Totonac (105) [ti: tali:tatse?a istsi:kan] O [ti: ta-li:--ta-tse?--a OSUB is--tsi:--kan] __ HREL 3 PL.
Aluminum oxide (Al[sub.2 Osub.3]) is the third common coating.