OSUMCOhio State University Medical Center
OSUMCOklahoma State University Medical Center (Tulsa, OK)
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OSUMC Director of Technology Chad Neal says that managing all those calls was, "one of our biggest bottlenecks" and a situation they were determined to streamline with automation.
Including the cost of the HP server that OSUMC already owned, total costs came in below $50,000.
Under the guidance of the medical center's information systems team, OSUMC and ODRC chose VTEL as a vendor, and bought two double-monitored large room systems, document cameras and electronic stethoscopes for the two initial sites - the Corrections Medical Center and the maxiumum security prison at Lucasville.
OSUMC is offering fully accredited continuing medical education to the physicians at remote sites, and other plans are under way to use the system for administrative meetings and possibly parole proceedings.
OSUMC utilized the CPD to design a Web-based system that meets the challenge of confidentially communicating pertinent patient information.
OSUMC includes seven inpatient hospitals and 36 primary and specialty care sites.
Its charge was to develop a system to improve communication between OSUMC physicians and its referring physicians.
The OSUMC Technology Engineering department built the IVR system with Cantata's T1 version of the Brooktrout TR1000 for Microsoft Speech Server, which provides best-of-breed media processing capabilities.
To date, OSUMC has purchased approximately 1,200 PDA devices from CDW-G; the school purchases about 700 each year.
Encompassing all of the advances required in medical imaging, the SOMATOM Emotion 16 will allow OSUMC to drive new CT applications into broad patient care.
The OSUMC staff has implemented groundbreaking new uses of wireless technology, such as an Automated Transport System (ATS) of robots that communicate wirelessly and move materials like patient meals, linens, supplies and wastes around the hospital.
BOC designed and built two bulk storage systems on the OSUMC site, and provided their maintenance staff with training on the safe use, handling and storage of liquid oxygen," says Gale Colston, regional medical specialist, BOC.