OSUMCOhio State University Medical Center
OSUMCOklahoma State University Medical Center (Tulsa, OK)
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OSUMC's system was originally designed to improve efficiency of patient care delivery and financial operations, but was found to provide useful data for research efforts (Kamal, et al., 2010).
Geckler admitted that he was critical of the defendant for even allowing transplant patients to take showers, despite the knowledge that other experts in the field of infectious disease assert that it is acceptable practice to allow transplant patients to shower and that OSUMC's practice of allowing transplant patients to shower was not a deviation from the standards set forth in the CDC guidelines in existence at the time in question.
OSUMC Director of Technology Chad Neal says that managing all those calls was, "one of our biggest bottlenecks" and a situation they were determined to streamline with automation.
But OSUMC's experience with an IVR outsourcing vendor was less than satisfactory to Neal, even after a healthy financial investment.
Seven prisons now are linked to OSUMC, averaging 225 consultations per month.
As a bonus, institutional medical staff benefit by increased access to OSUMC's vast medical resources.
Under the guidance of the medical center's information systems team, OSUMC and ODRC chose VTEL as a vendor, and bought two double-monitored large room systems, document cameras and electronic stethoscopes for the two initial sites - the Corrections Medical Center and the maxiumum security prison at Lucasville.
The project also is attracting grants for clinical trials in pulmonary care and community development, and administrators are beginning a pilot project within OSUMC's emergency department this summer.
The OSUMC, a large health organization of 1,700 practicing physicians and more than 12,000 referring physicians, set out to take advantage of its centralized physician database (CPD), a single, fully integrated master database of physician and referring physician information.
OSUMC utilized the CPD to design a Web-based system that meets the challenge of confidentially communicating pertinent patient information.
To answer this question, OSUMC formed a multidisciplinary task force that included representation from the medical staff, information systems, communications, credentialing, physician relations, medical information management, physician practice plans, affiliate hospitals, and finance.
Its charge was to develop a system to improve communication between OSUMC physicians and its referring physicians.