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OSUNOvershoot South, Undershoot North (mnemonic for compass errors)
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Oyintiloye, the Chairman, House Committee on Information and Strategy, Osun House of Assembly, said fortunes have been lost to racism, and that the election was an indication that the world is ready to rise above sentiment.
The demand of the League of Imams and Alfas of Osun State was contained in the memorandum submitted to the Osun State House of Assembly in December, 1999 signed by their Chairman, late Mustafa Ajisafe, the Chief Imam of Osogboland during the review of the 1999 constitution.
Using this structure, Osun State incorporated a special purpose vehicle, Osun Sukuk Company Plc (the SPV), to which it transferred the land for construction of the schools.
The Sukuk is expected to be listed on the local stock exchange and Osun hopes it will be bought by local pension funds and international investors, Reuters quoted bankers as saying.
Today, the Osun grove and its annual Festival attract many national and international visitors-although perhaps not as many as the applicants for the UNESCO qualification had hoped.
05) (Table 4) Similarly, there was no significant difference at 95% confidence interval between the average mite load per adult bee during dry and wet season in all the apiaries grouped together in Osun, Ogun and Lagos states (t = -1.
to different human parts was investigated at Osun Eleja and Osun Budepo during the wet season (August-September 2008) and the dry season (November-December 2008).
Keywords: Osun grove, snakes, species richness, abundance, niche segregation.
SUMMARY: The effect of the fixatives: 10% formol saline, Carnoy's fluid, Zenker's fluid, Helly's fluid and Bouin's fluid on the staining ability of the extracts of Pterocarpus osun (P.
Extreme Networks' solution helps enable OSUN and COTC to deliver cutting-edge technologies throughout campus without scaling costs and complexity.
The press release states that the European programme should benefit three million people in the states of Abia, Cros River, Gombe, Kebbi, Osun and Plateau directly, by improving the hydraulic network in at least 1.
According to Osun Arts,Nigerians believe in making use of their waist when dancing,giving them the ability to wiggle