OSUTOne Station Unit Training
OSUTOrganizatia Studentilor din Universitatea de Vest Timisoara (Romainian: University of West Timisoara Student Organization; Timisoara, Romania)
OSUTOn-Site User Training
OSUTOn-Site User Test
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In all aspects of today's OSUT training, the critical MP aspects of force protection are emphasized.
Significantly, the published outcomes for a graduate of Infantry OSUT include not only the tangible tactical and technical tasks, but also intangible outcomes that describe the values and behaviors that a graduate should display (see Figure 2).
Land navigation: The OSUT POl provides for 27 hours of training on land navigation and culminates with a standard 3/5 point GO/NO GO training requirement.
Basic Rifle Marksmanship for Initial Military Training is standardized across BCT, OSUT, and BOLC.
IET trainers completely redesigned the BCT and Infantry OSUT POIs based upon the IET principles discussed above and what they thought Soldiers should be able to do to meet the challenges of the operational environment upon graduation.
Previous assignments include PERSCOM, DA Secretariat Recorder, Alexandria, Virginia; and Commander, A Company, 35th Engineer Battalion, OSUT, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
The cadre educated their peers, and the BCT and OSUT Soldiers are now making far more appropriate decisions during their STXs and during their final FTX.
The presentation of troops in the Infantry OSUT Company was correct, disciplined and a real impact to parents, friends, and family.
The likely scenario for future combat will include quick, accurate reflexive reactions against a close, well-camouflaged, asymmetric threat, and we are training OSUT Soldiers in reflexive firing techniques.
The buddy-team soldiers go through OSUT together and upon graduation, are assigned to the same unit.
Now we are taking this one step further by matching each initial entry soldier with a "Buddy" during OSUT.