OSWOffice of Solid Waste
OSWOrsk (Russia)
OSWOperation Southern Watch (JTF-SWA)
OSWOffice of Surface Water (USGS)
OSWOff the Streets and Into Work
OSWOfficial Scrabble Words
OSwOld Swedish (linguistics)
OSWOperations Support Wing
OSWOrient Script Worldwide (UK)
OSWOutbound Signaling Word
OSWOtaku Sailor Wars (game)
OSWOpen Surface Wound
OSWOver-Size Waveguide
OSWOsijek Wireless (Croatia)
OSWOn-Site Wastewater (various locations)
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UD has a long record of advancing OSW through the CEOE, the College of Engineering, Center for Composite Materials, and more.
This partnership was developed to provide increased training opportunities for aspiring EA professionals, refine the articulation between OSW curricula and internships, and to promote entry-level employment opportunities.
Although he has denied setting up OSW Group, sources have revealed how Kenny boasted of forming the company and helping it grow from nothing to having 3.
The S-3B performed its usual refueling and surveillance missions in Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 and Operation Allied Force in early 1999, and continued OSW missions through March 2003.
Currently, EPA's OSW is re-doing a risk assessment of a possible ruling on the matter, which w as first proposed in 2003 and is currently under review.
Simultaneously, the new 332d AEW saw its OSW tasking increase in intensity and duration, while it hosted base operational support for US Marine Corps planning and US Navy Seabee construction projects.
Data were analyzed to determine whether any correlation existed between the INSPIRIT score and improvements in the VAS and OSW scores.
In an attempt to "beat the weather home," most of the OSW package, both heavies and fighters, arrived over the field at almost the same time.
Now, more than six years later, EPA's OSW has still failed to issue a final rule.
Constellation's next deployment, from 1 April to 1 October 1997, included a return to the Arabian Gulf for OSW activities, now under operational control of the Fifth Fleet.
On this day, while flying in support for OSW, my wingman and I got the good news that Mom was calling for a Case I recovery.
Bac, short for baccalaureate, is a word in OSW only but is in Web-3 as an abbreviation for bachelor.