OSWIOfficial Scrabble Words International (UK)
OSWIOther Solid Waste Incinerator (incinerator designation; US EPA)
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There are ten AEGINRST transposal pairs in OSWI. Which is closest together, and which farthest apart?
For example, AEINRST is the alphome of eleven words in OSWI, and numerous others when additional reference sources are added.
A square of side one can be traced out by the four two-letter words OH, OI, PH, PI, all found in OSWI. A larger square, with sides of four units, can be traced out by AA, AE, EA, EE, also found in OSWI.
All eight words are in Webster's Third, and all but BER are in OSWI. Setting m=P and p=N, we generate the words PAN,PAR,PEN,PER, TAN,TAR,TEN,TER.
All eight are in OSWI, and all but LEP are common words.
Six of these are in OSWI, SIL is in Webster's Third and SOR is in the OED.
If we generate BAD,BAR,BOD,BOR,PAD,PAR,POD,POR, seven words are in OSWI and POR is in Webster's Second and the OED.