OSWSOnestop Webshop (UK)
OSWSOne Stop Write Shop
OSWSOperating System Work Station
OSWSOn-Site Wastewater System (various locations)
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The lived experience as an educational intervention was also employed by OSWs, who often captured opportunities for learning when youth were surviving a crisis, such as street violence or police arrests.
The OSWs, in particular, were described as first establishing rapport with the youth and then offering services to minimize the effects of mental health issues and problematic behaviors related to drug use and sexual health.
Despite potential risks, the OSWs met and served youth in their chosen environments of city streets and bars at late night hours.
* develop strategies for guaranteeing maintenance of OSWS
* understand how soil types affect OSWS efficiencies
OSWS Design Considerations for large Homes (1:00pm - 1:50pm)
Factors That Influence Appropriate OSWS Depth (9:00am - 9:50am)
* Describe the thinking behind long-term management of OSWS