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OSXOil Service Index
OSXMacintosh Operating System X (Apple Computer, Inc.)
OSXOperating System Extension (software)
OSXOat Spelt Xylan
OSXOpitz Syndrome, X-Linked
OSXOptical Signal Crossconnect (telecommunications)
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Spotlight search has also been improved upon in OSX 10.
Both the OCG Cylinders and OSX Sliders meet the global standard for drop-in imperial mounting and drop-in metric mounting, respectively.
According to Vanessa Guerra, an OSX press officer, the shipbuilding company owes the equivalent of $2.
9m) secured bonds by Brazilian oil-production platforms supplier OSX Brasil SA, Bloomberg reported Monday, quoting people in the know.
OSX Brasil entered the deal via its subsidiary OSX WHP 1 & 2 Leasing BV.
OSX said in a securities filing late on Tuesday it plans to sell 3.
Both noticeably more stable and streamlined than their previous iterations, the only real downside is that these programs are exclusive to Intel-based Macs running the latest version of OSX, meaning older Power PC-based systems are one step closer to the scrapheap.
Apple's OSX displays different icons for different file types, based on a file's suffix at the time of download.
Mac: OSX, Classic; G4, 600MHz, 256MB, PC: P4, 1GHz, 500MB; for both: QuickTime 6 min.
Excel Software have begun shipping MacA&D OSX 1.
Available for Windows 2000 or XP and Mac OSX, FileMaker Pro 7 retails for $299.
It is supported on any Fibre storage supporting system including Windows 2000, XP, Mac OSX 10.