OSYOut-of-School Youth (various locations)
OSYOunces Per Square Yard (fabric weight)
OSYOptimum Sustainable Yield (fisheries)
OSYOut-of-School Youth Program (Department of Youth & Community Development; New York, NY)
OSYOshima Shipyard (Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.; Japan)
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He has since dedicated his life to helping transform OSY through the program-believing that beneath their seemingly coarse surfaces are precious jewels whose brilliance can outshine even the most stellar students when given the chance.
As stated in the "2013 Statewide Comprehensive Needs Assessment" (2013), technology has become a key means for meeting the needs of the OSY population:
This MSY or OSY of the biomass as a whole will inevitably be less than the sum of the MSY's or OSY's of individual species.
Program services and outcomes were audited for 499 OSY participants at 34 randomly selected Service Delivery Areas.
Among the OSY mapped under the program, over 600,000 have enrolled in various education, entrepreneurship, or employment programs.
Under the SPES program, the OSY beneficiaries received regular salaries not lower than the approved minimum wage in the region, 60 percent of which were provided by the private companies of government agencies that employed them and the 40 percent from the labor department.
But there is still a long way to go to attain its vision of Zero OSY Philippines.
Among the participants were from the Local Government Office of Isabela City, Philippine Information Agency, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Basilan Electric Cooperative (BASELCO), Isabela City Police Station, Special Action Force, Basilan National High School, Claret College of Isabela City, Mindanao Youth Development OSY network, JCI Basilan and the United Workers Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multi-purpose Cooperative (UWARBMPC).
The videoconference, dubbed as "Empowerment for Peace through Information and Communication (EPIC)" program, will have 100 selected OSY discussants divided equitably at the two venues, the embassy said.
The program hopes to reach 3 to 4 million OSY by 2016.
Some 2,438 OSYs here were initially listed in the database of the Abot-Alam program, which is envisioned to achieve zero percent OSY by 2016.