OSYMOgrenci Secme ve Yerlestirme Merkezi (Turkish)
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2 sub-categories were obtained from there should be questions in OSYM.
2 sub-categories were obtained from there shouldn't be questions in OSYM.
If there would be question about physical education course in OSYM, we would have to teach the course in class on board.
Iki bin on yili OSYM Tercih Kilavuzu'na gore ogrenci alan 64 tip fakultesi ve daha once kurulan ancak ogrenci almayan Mugla Universitesi Tip Fakultesi ile fakulte sayisi 65'tir.
Ozcan informed the security about the claim, and security measures have been tightened in trucks carrying question booklets, OSYM building, and depots where booklets are kept.
Commenting on the allegations regarding the e-mail sent to OSYM, Turkish State Minister Hayati Yazici said such claims were "fraud".
Sakinan decided for annulment in the investigation, yet underlined that OSYM Head and other officials did not show necessary care regarding the reliability of the examination during the implementation.
According to the intervening lawyer's claims, OSYM told the court that encoding occurred because of improper computer program.
An official from OSYM told them their answer sheets were rechecked and their revised points were posted in OSYM's web-page.
Demir has become the first OSYM chairman who has not appeared before cameras during announcement of exam results.
Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office said on Thursday morning that experts had completed their examinations, and OSYM made public exam results immediately after that statement.