OSYMOgrenci Secme ve Yerlestirme Merkezi (Turkish)
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Hence, a candidate must prove that he or she is proficient in English by taking a test such as university's own English proficiency test, Interuniversity Foreign Language Exam (UDS), and Public Personnel Foreign Language Placement Exam (KPDS) which are carried out by OSYM (YOK 1996).
Ali teacher's opinion in regard of there are no questions about physical education course in the exams of Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM) sub-category; "The course which is not used in assessment and evaluation exam is unimportant course, I mean if it is not on TEOG, university entrance exam, it is unimportant."
Dekanliklardan gelen yanitlar yani sira ogrenci fakulte taban giris puanlari icin OSYM kilavuzlari arastirmada kullanilmistir.
The OSYM official was referring to the coefficient system that makes it difficult for certain groups of students who seek to enroll in a university program that is outside of their high school area of specialization to do so.
Tablo 4' de, bir kiyaslamaya temel olusturmak icin DAU akademik personelinin dagilmi ile birlikte Turkiye genelinde (OSYM, 1999) akademik unvan kademelerinde gorev yapan kadin ve erkek akademisyenlerin yuzdeleri de vertilmistir.
The official said, "LYS questions will be stolen from the Student Selection & Placement Center (OSYM), and will be distributed to entire Turkey through e-mail of a Justice & Development (AK) Party lawmaker."
Some of the questions were taken from the past University Entrance Examinaton question sets (OSYM, 2008) and the rest were developed by the author.
Ali Demir, the head of the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM), said, "there was a mistake, we admit it." The exam will be re-held.
universities, teachers, Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM)) should be obtained regarding the issue during preparation, as well as development and application stages of the curriculum.
These students are very satisfied with their study skills since they have won the University Entrance Exam (UEE) which is very difficult and only 10% of all the students passes UEE (OSYM, 2004).
Umit Y., who has allegedly sent an e-mail to the head of Student Selection & Placement Center (OSYM) using Turkish State Minister Hayati Yazici's name, was detained in Istanbul.