OStJOrder of St John
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Fur Typ (3) zitiere ich ein Beispiel nach Schiefer: ostj. V ceka sukkan tayinc lankawsa ameswel [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1961 : 102); die Situation im Wogulischen scheint ahnlich gelagert zu sein, vgl.
Marie Penelope Rose, Lady Clementi OBE OStJ (1889-1970), daughter of Admiral Cresswell John Eyres DSO OBE (1862-1949), died at the age of eighty on 25 March 1970 (mostly from Peerage News online, accessed at 1016h GMT on M.31.1.2011).
Even though there is no question Captain Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards KCVO OstJ RD JP RNR will still be kept busy by all his letters and the commitments they represent, it still feels as if he will miss the post of Lord Lieutenant.
Blows, PhD BSc (Hons) RMN RNG RNT OstJ, Division of Applied Biological Sciences, St.
Mal Hyde AO APM OStJ, Former SA Police Commissioner
But Norman Lloyd-Edwards - Captain Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards KCVO OstJ RD JP RNR to give him his full and proper due - has been up close and very personal to the entire Royal Family as the Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan for the past 18 years.
benutzen zu diesem Zweck die folgenden Sprachen das uralte Lokativsuffix: ostj. V [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'im Herbst' (DEWOS 1323), M lun-[??]n 'im Sommer' (Radanovics 1961 : 33), wotj.
In October 2009, the then Minister for Health and Social Services, Edwina Hart MBE OStJ AM, announced that due to the success of the pilots the programme would be enhanced and expanded to cover the whole of Wales.
Blows, RMN, RGN, RNT, OStJ, BSc (Hons) PhD, Lecturer, Division of Applied Biological Sciences, St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery, City University, 20 Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 7QN, England.